Why Utilities to retrieve Mac data are two programs in one

The process required to recover Mac data is made more difficult by a special set of circumstances. Until the implementation of Mac OS X earlier Mac operating systems recognized files by means of a character code known as the type/creator code. This allowed Mac computers to very quickly access specific parts of an application with fewer steps. Newer Mac computers using the OS X system use a more conventional file extension system such as that relied upon by Windows. Mac recovery software must be able to recognize files lost, deleted or simply corrupted that exist in either of these formats.

Essentially this means that a program to recover Mac data must be two programs in one. The software must be able to scan for both type/creator coded files and newer file extension type files. In addition to this complexity, the hard drive and solid state digital storage directory system used in conjunction with Mac operating systems has in place several boot and verification processes that must be scripted through in order for Mac recovery software to locate existing and deleted files.