Use Unformat Hard Drive Software to Recover Data from Formatted HDD

The hard drive is data storage medium; most of the users generally prefer to divide the hard disk into a number of partitions. These hard drive partitions help user to organize their important files in their respective drives by doing so the user can easily find out data where it is saved on the hard drive. Every now and then, we may lose the files from hard drives because of different reasons like formatting hard disk accidentally, bad sector presents in drive, virus infection and many other.

If you come across this type of incident, then don’t be panic. You can get back data from formatted hard drive using Unformat Hard Drive Software. This recovery tool has built with advanced features to recover data from hard drive. It provides a user the easiest way to restore files from your formatted drive.unformat hard drive software

How this program retrieves data from formatted drive?

When any hard drives are formatted then only file system of that drive is reset. In such case, all the file details are erased from file system due to which it shows no files visible in the system. But the truth is somewhat different; files are still exists at pre-allocated memory space as long as they are not overwritten by the new data. Due to this reason Unformat Hard Drive Software is capable to bring back all the files even after performing format option on hard drives.

What are the possible scenarios which lead to format the hard disk drives?

  • Accidental format: Unintentionally erasing data by using “Delete” or “Shift+ Delete” command or accidentally format the hard drive may also cause loss of data.
  • Formatting Error: The interruption during the formatting / repartitioning hard disk may lead to abruptly stop the formatting progress in between and important data stored on the hard drive will be lost.
  • System Crash: System crash may cause due to corruption of a hard drive, file system error, and faulty computer components, etc.
  • System infected by virus and Trojans: This is one of the common reasons that may cause hard drive failure. The virus enters the system through USB devices connected to the system or from the internet when the user downloads some files from unauthorized websites. Once the harmful virus enters the system, it may damage or corrupt the hard drive and finally, you will lose data from hard drive.
  • Fragmentation Error: Fragmentation is a method which is used for arranging files and folders present in the hard drive in some systematic way. Due to the sudden crash in the program application during performing fragmentation process may cause sudden failure of hard disk and files may get loss.

This recovery program performs a deep scan to the formatted hard drive partition to restore files by using its special scanning algorithm. It can safely and securely perform recovery process because it is free from viruses. With the help of unformat hard drive software, you can easily recover data from formatted, corrupted drives, inaccessible hard drive. It retrieves and identifies different types of data according to their unique signature. It enables you to get back files from both Windows and Mac based PC.