Use this Software to Repair AVI Video Files in Few Steps

AVI is a multimedia container format stands for Audio Video Interleave which has introduced by Microsoft as component of its video for Windows technology. AVI file contains both video and audio data in a file container that allows AV synchronous playback. Even though some features including multiple streaming video and audio are rarely used and AVI file also supports some extra features such as DVD video format. In general, the AVI file type is mainly related with ‘Audio Video Interleave File’ and its recent files might get compressed with codecs like Xvid and DivX. It can also be played efficiently using The KMPlayer, VLC media player, and MPlayer. AVI files also can be produced without any compression which results extremely large file sizes and there is no need to install any codecs for playing this uncompressed AVI file but it is not suggested generally. AVI file has more advantages like choice of codecs that means you can accomplish a high rate compression if you try out. AVI file can be played in mainstream Windows Media Player efficiently and used as a starting point of creating playable DVDs.Software to repair avi

AVI file also encounter some issues due to various reasons and how to overcome such reasons can be explained here in detail. Sometimes while playing AVI file on your media player, you may encounter some errors or unplayable AVI file. Reason for this inability of playing AVI file is file corruption or damage due to user mistakes or system errors.

Header File Damage: Header file consist of many significant codes which is used to play AVI file in any media player. If there is any damaged caused in AVI header file means possibilities of AVI file corruption is fairly high.

CRC Errors: CRC errors are commonly created while transferring AVI file from one place to another like memory to disk, disk to memory, memory to application, or disk, etc. When the receiver does CRC check on the received AVI file which may not match as what the dispatcher sent you, results unplayable AVI file.

Unreliable Software Usage: Sometimes you may use some untrustworthy third party utility for editing AVI video files. This may result in AVI file damage or corruption.

Severe Virus Infection: If you are saving AVI file on virus or malware infected storage device means, chances of video file corruption become extremely high because virus code spreads and replicates itself and damages all the saved files.

Other Reasons: Abrupt closing of AVI file while playing, improper downloading, power surge, and so on.

Unique Features of AVI Repair Software:

The AVI files which are corrupted or damaged because of above mentioned scenarios can be efficiently repaired using powerful and trustworthy AVI Repair Software. It has the ability to repair corrupted or unplayable AVI file within a short span of time. The well experienced professionals have designed this reliable software to repair AVI files with special inbuilt algorithms. This software can repair AVI file and restore them in any secured storage location without doing any alteration in an original file by make use of that algorithm. This tool repairs audio video mismatched AVI file and adjoins them side by side. It runs on all the popular versions of Windows and Mac OS platforms efficiently. You can repair uncompressed .avi video file as well as compressed file formats like .xvid and .divx using this software. Repaired AVI files can be previewed in the demo version. In order to save them you need to buy licensed version with reasonable price. AVI file repairing can be achieved on internal computer hard disk as well as various external flash storage devices like USB hard drive, flash memory cards, pen drive and many more.