Steps To Change Your Account Password in Windows 10

In a computer you store a lot of important and confidential data, so protecting your PC and data is very important. Most of the people will use the same password for all the accounts, which is not safe. Nowadays hackers are increasing and they may hack your account and your important data may be misused. Last year there was a research conducted, according to that research 123456, qwerty and password are the most popular passwords used by the users. The hackers can crack your account within few seconds.

Password-re-enter-599x600So you need to change your account password and in Windows 10 you can change it in easy and quick manner. Now let us study about the how to change the password in few minutes and keep those pilfering, nasty cyber-thieves guessing.

Steps to change Windows 10 user password:

  1. On the desktop, press the Windows key.
  2. There select the Settings, in that go to Accounts and click on Sign-In Options.
  3. In the Password section click on the Change button.
  4. Now to prove that you are the authoritative user, you need to re-enter your password.
  5. Now you can create a new password.

Steps to change your Windows 10 user account password:

In order to change the password you need to open the Start menu. You should do this by pressing the Windows key, you can see Settings option and select it. Then you need to click on Accounts and later on click Sign in options. Now you will reach Password session with a Change button, so click on it.

Now you need to confirm your password. If you have entered the correct password then you will be asked to do it again along with a new one. Make sure that you are using mixture of letters, symbols and numbers in your new password and also make sure that you can remember the new software.

If you have got the new satisfactory password, then click on Next and the conformation message by Windows as it has accepted the new password will be occurred. At the last you need to the check the new password, so lock your PC and try to unlock with a new password. If it is gets open then it’s a happiest thing.