Software to Recover Flash Drive Data

Flash drives are popular these days as they are capable to handle large amount of data and comes in different storage capacities as required by users. These devises are smaller in size and uses electric charge for data storage. You can rewrite the data on flash drive as many times you require it. There are two types of flash drives, i.e. generic drives and specific flash cards. Usually generic flash drives are USB drives and Solid-State Drives, where as specific flash card types include SD, XD, MMC cards, memory sticks, Compact Flash cards, etc.

However, like its advantages these flash drives have drawbacks too. You might lose data from flash card on account of some data loss scenarios.  You must find the ways to recover your valuable data with help of some data recovery software like Recover Flash. This software supports data recovery on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can connect your affected drive to computer and recover flash drive data with ease. You must be aware of the various scenarios that might erase data from your flash drives. They are explained as below:

  • Accidental Deletion: When you are deleting some unwanted files from flash drive, you might delete some required files by using “Shift+Delete” key combination on Windows or “Command+Delete” keys on Mac system. Data from these flash drives may also get deleted when you select some in built function on mobiles, cameras, camcorders, etc.
  • Formatting/Reformatting: Unintentional formatting or reformatting of any logical drive on hard drive instead of empty or corrupted drive could result in loss of data. Also errors that occurred when you are creating new partitions can lead to data loss
  • Corruption: Errors that appear during the conversion of file system makes flash drive as inaccessible and results in data loss. Virus attacks and improper data operations can land in trouble of data loss.
  • Incorrect Usage: Disconnecting the flash drive while file transfer process is still in progress can cause loss of flash drive data.
  • Other Errors: Usage some inefficient third party data recovery utilities, using Windows Disk management utility for deleting files, improper system shut down and power variations may lead to loss of valuable data from flash drives.

In all the possible data loss situations as mentioned above, this tool can be used to perfectly recover flash drive data in few easy steps.  It has ability to locate and recover more than 300 popular file types from all varieties of flash drives. This tool is built with special algorithms, which will aid you to restore data from formatted/reformatted partitions and even from repartitioned drives. Recover flash software will restore Word files, PPT files, Zip files, emails, documents, folders, images, videos, music files from flash drive. This software can even recover flash card data like RAW photo files formats supported by various professional digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Kodak, etc. It creates “Disk Image Files” to bypass the bad sectors present on hard drive and later you can use this disk image files to recover complete hard drive data. To get further details and estimate its performance, download the free version available and follow few steps.