Searching for the best tool to recover Outlook mail

To recover Outlook DBX file information you will need a very powerful program. These programs for Outlook Express recovery are not particularly expensive however you must choose from the many available based on certain criteria. The criteria are the ability to locate the DBX folders and from them extract individual DBX files. This is indeed a difficult task but more important is the ability of the program to open the DBX file allowing the user to read its contents.

Equally difficult is finding a program to recover Outlook PST information. The PST file is a large database used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, customizations and settings. The PST file is a simple text-based database that stores in character form Microsoft Outlook messaging and options. The challenge in Outlook recovery is to find a program that will automatically locate your PST file and reconstruct the access table information. In theory, any word processing application such as a notebook or Wordpad can open a PST file database but shift through what might be tens of thousands of e-mail messages to find one that had been accidentally deleted is far too time consuming a task. For this reason, we use Outlook PST repair programs which put our Microsoft inbox back online so that we can conventionally look for messages.