Restoring a crashed NTFS operating system to functionality

Around 10 years ago Windows introduced the new technology file system to their entire operating system line. Now referred to simply as the NTFS this is hardly a new system. It is however the best file storage and retrieval directory program in existence. It is proven superior to the Linux super block method or even the Apple Mac HFS. However just as with any often used block of application files on your PC the more that application is used to the greater the likelihood that file corruption can occur. In the case of NTFS files on your computer’s internal hard drive it usually results in the loss of access to the drive and all information files stored there.

The solution whenever we lose hard drive function due to file loss is to reload our Windows operating system. Before we do this we must use an NTFS recovery tool to open our computer’s hard drive and copy from it all important stored files. Because many of these files may be corrupted we will need an NTFS data recovery tool that also returns information on deleted or damaged files.