Recover Files from Deleted Partition

Have you deleted your important files from primary partition accidentally and now searching for a suitable recovery tool order to recover deleted the primary partition? Then don’t worry because we introduce one of the powerful partition recovery tools called My Partition Recovery which has the ability to retrieve files from the erased primary partition without missing single file and uses its outstanding search engine technique helps you to complete recovery process within short time duration effectively.  By continue reading you can understand that how to recover deleted primary partition files with the help of this tool and various unique features of this tool also.

Overview of Primary Partition

A primary partition is the first level disk partition which is logically independent part (C drive) on a hard disk drive where the operating system can be installed in Windows system. Even though, a hard disk drive can be divided into different partitions other than primary partition which is called as an extended partition. Usually, only one primary partition could be in the active mode in the multiple OS installed the system which can be loaded into memory by default when it is launched. The primary partition contains partition table which is a segment of data to be found in the first sectors of the hard drive that provides basic information about the primary partitions for the computer’s basic input output system in order to make possible the starting up sequence. Even though, operating system related information in the primary partition may get erased accidentally like file deletion from extended partition from your computer. There are various reasons behind primary partition deletion which are explained as follows,

Reasons behind Primary Partition Deletion:

Upgrading OS:  If any interruption occurred while upgrading operating system like sudden power failure or unexpected system shutdown may direct to primary partition deletion.

Severe Virus Attack:  Sometimes, the primary partition may get corrupted or modified unintentionally due to severe virus infection. As a result, the operating system cannot be launched properly and creates unreachable data.

MBR Corruption: Master Boot Record contains entire information about the system which includes file name, file size, and file type. It is also responsible for system booting. However, some human error can direct to MBR damage which results in, you may be unable to find equivalent active partition from your system.

Usage of Third Party Tool: Sometimes, a primary partition may get slow on running due to the shortage of memory. In such place, you may use some third party application to increase storage memory. In the meantime, your primary partition may get erased as a result you may lose data from it.

Unique Features of My Partition Recovery Software

In order to overcome the above-mentioned deletion of primary partition scenarios from your system, you should keep appropriate file backup from active partition to other storage device and never perform unfavorable partitioning methods to avoid deletion of primary partition. Furthermore, you can launch My Partition Recovery software to perform deleted partition recovery effectively. It is specifically developed to recover deleted primary partition based on their exclusive signatures such as file name and file tree. It can rescue different files like videos, audios, photos, applications, games, documents and so on. This tool has the facility to recover deleted the primary partition from different hard drive types named SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA, etc. it supports various hard drive brands Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi, etc without any difficulty. In addition, you can utilize this reliable application to get back lost partition from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook, etc. effectively.