Important features of digital media recovery programs

Many digital media recovery programs are available as a trial download. This is an important feature as digital photo recovery can differ based on many variables. Not the least of these variables is your camera itself. Better grade digital cameras initially store their photos in a file format exclusive to that camera manufacturer. What this means is that when choosing a program to recover photos the software you purchase must specifically state it works with your camera type. The program being able to recognize popular image file extensions such as jpegs and TIFFs is insufficient.

Another important feature and factor when choosing a digital media recovery program is its ability to scan many different types of media. Usually camera files are stored on a memory card. This is a solid state digital storage device usually formatted in the FAT system. When we transfer image files we sometimes use compact flash cards. Pictures taken on our cameras telephone use a micro memory card. A good program for digital photo recovery should be able to scan any and all of these devices along with your computer’s internal hard drive.