How to use REMO Digital Photo Recovery Mac software

Using REMO Photo Recovery Mac software is simpler than ever before. The software has just featured a brand new design change and now you can enjoy a much more efficient, descriptive and well guided user interface. To start the software you will want to find the REMO Digital Photo Recovery Mac icon that was placed on your desktop during the install. If you can’t locate the icon then check your Applications folder and see if you can manually find its whereabouts.

After you have started the software, the entire process should be fairly clear and easy to follow from whats presented on your screen. REMO Photo Recovery Mac was made to be simple so that you don’t need to seek out help from documentation when you first use it. If you look below the images on every step in the software, there is a description that tells you what to do. First, you will want to select the drive that the files were stored on before they were deleted, lost or corrupted. By doing this the software knows exactly where to search to recover the files. On the next page, you will need to select what type of file the software is supposed to be looking for. If you can remember the type of file that it was, then REMO Digital Photo Recovery Mac will have a much easier time locating the files. If you can’t, it’s okay to select many different file types but remember that this will usually mean REMO will provide a lot of recovered files for you to have to search through. After you have selected the file types you can click “Recover” and begin the operation. From here it will find all of the files it was able to recover and you can select which ones you want to save back onto a safe spot in your computer.