How to Permanently Erase Hard Drive

Need to know how to permanently erase hard drive? This is the right place to find out how because this article briefly explains you erasing hard drive permanently. While erasing normally, what happens is the system just deletes it and anyone with a simple recovery software can get them back. You need to permanently erase hard drive because you want no one to recover it back. There is a tool called Remo File Eraser which erases hard drive completely without leaving any trace to the file recovery software. Watch the following video on erasing the hard drive permanently.

Why to Erase Hard Drive Completely?

You wanted to erase hard drive permanently and completely due to a various number of reasons. But privacy tops the list as you don’t want others to sneak peek your personal files and folders while giving them a used pen drive, memory card or even hard disk drives. It may be the confidential files that contain highly sensitive information. In these scenarios, one must need to wipe hard drive completely. Many others simply want to delete the hard drive data to install an OS or just simply because of any malware or virus infections.

Why Remo File Eraser Software?

Remo File Eraser tool can be the best one because of the following features.

  • It has 9 types of erasing methods as each method runs on its own specific mechanism in deleting the data completely off the drive.
  • The tool can able to erase data, files and folders from USB thumb drives, hard disk drives, memory cards, SSDs, firewire drives etc.
  • The user can customize the erasing time as it has a built in scheduler so that the user can wipe off data in a scheduled time.
  • Easy drag and drop feature allow anyone with less computer knowledge can add or remove files and folders for permanent erase.
  • The software has the option to erase free disk space by using “wipe free disk space” option and so it overwrites the data well so that recovery is not possible.

How it Works?

While we delete a file from Windows, the deleted file remains in the hard drive until it gets overwritten. Before overwriting, anyone can employ a recovery software to retrieve it back. This scenario is applicable to all the deletion types i.e., Shift + Delete combination and emptying recycle bin. Even formatted data can be recovered. What this software does is overwrite it multiple times in a way that it is impossible for a recovery software to even find the file. By erasing the data securely, you need to ensure that no one retrieves it back. As Remo File Eraser uses different algorithms for each wiping methods, it is making really impossible for any practical file recovery software to get it back.

The free version software provides 3 wiping methods whereas the upgraded version provides additional 6 wiping methods.