How to overcome from data loss issue on Windows 7

As Windows 7, MS has brought several significant changes to the earlier versions of Windows. Windows 7 has made simple for the users to efficiently organize their everyday tasks by making the interface more attractive and lively. Windows 7 contains several upgraded features such as improved processor performance, support for virtual hard disks and kernel improvements have been added to ensure a better reliability. In-spite of theses advance features, Windows user’s still facing the data security issues while working with Windows 7.

Most of the time data loss occurs due to human mistake or carelessness. Losing valuable data is such an unbearable situation, at this situation data recovery is the only option. Data recovery is the process of rescuing the lost or deleted files. There are many different ways to recover data from Windows 7, but data recovery software is the most reliable tool. This tool recovers hard drive data with utmost ease.

Rather than human mistake there are many more scenarios which results in data from system hard drive, let’s have a look on some of them:

  1. Sometimes when you try to convert your file system from one file system to another file system you may lose your valuable data.
  2. When your hard drive is affected by the viruses/malware there are chances of corruption of your partition.
  3. If you try to re-install more than one operating system to your system then there will be chances of boot sector damage and due to which you may lose data from your partition.
  4. If you delete a file using Shift+ Delete combination keys, then the deleted feel skips the Recycle Bin.
  5. Improper power supply or sudden power surge will shut down your system improperly which sometime results in file loss.

You can avoid these situations by following some precautions such as always keep a update backup of your crucial files, to get rid from virus attack use antivirus program in  your system, avoid connecting infected drive with our PC or laptop, avoid using Shift + Delete key combination for deleting files. After following these precautions if still you are facing data loss problem then immediately stop using hard drive and go for data recovery software.

Whenever you lose your precious data form your system hard drive or from Recycle Bin, don’t get upset because this data can be easily recovered by using proficient data recovery tool.  With this tool you can recover data from formatted/reformatted/corrupted hard drive. This utility recovers all types of audio, video, photos files and it can identifies 300 types of file types. This tool is the best answer for all questions related to hard drive data loss such as is window 7 recovery is possible? How to recover deleted files in windows 7? How to perform Windows 7 recovery process?

If you want to use the try trial version of this tool then click here.  Trial version not only find out all your lost/deleted files , but also provides you a facility to save a session for further recovery, It provides the preview option in two different ways as file type view and data type view, which will give you a glimpse of your data which had been misplaced due to some reason. Evaluate the outcome of trail version if you find it satisfactory then go-ahead and download trial version of this utility.