How to Find Lost files on Mac

Losing files have become a most common issue irrespective of the platform you work upon. So if you are looking for easy tips for finding lost Mac files then this tutorial will guide you with simple mechanisms. Fortunately Mac system are having powerful tools that will locate missing files in matter of minutes. So what are the signatures for searching any particular files? Suppose a music file has artists, genre and a song. Coming to a simple document then it has attributes such as date of creation, modified date and much more. Here’s what you can do with your Macintosh.

Make use of Spotlight for searching missing files

Simply press Command Space in order to open Spotlight

Just enter the name that you are looking for

The results will appear in the list below

Just hold the command key and check the path directory. Click on the file which is holding down the command so as to open Finder on the file location

Make use of Document text to find missing files

This option will help you when you are aware of the contents of the file, which means if you have any soft copy of the particular file then try typing a sentence from the file to the Spotlight

Make use of Meta Data to find lost file in Spotlight

You can also find a file using the combination of metadata. If in case you are aware of the type of the document and creation date that will allow you to combine these attributes for searching any file. For example:

Author: Amy (Searched results will display all the items written by Amy)

Meeting date: today (search results will display all the meeting scheduled up for today)

In addition to this, you can also use the method for finding lost files so as to open a similar file by checking metadata. Take help of the discussed steps for checking the metadata:

  • Highlight a file in finder
  • Now press Command-I or choose File > Get Info
  • Just check the General and More Info areas for metadata