How to find files from an erased partition

If you have ever been met with a message on your computer screen stating that your PC is infected and then proceeded to offer to clean this list of evil viruses from your computer for a fee you should understand that the so called infection is actually part of an overall malware virus that includes the warning notice. These especially insidious downloads can be so persistent that no antivirus program available can help you. There is one measure that will always remove a virus from your computer. That is to reinstall your Windows operating system. The process of reloading Windows reformats your computer’s hard drive and partitions on it.

Of course reloading Windows then reformats the entire file structure or partition archived files. But you can counter that by using partition recovery software. Deleted partition recovery software will scan through either one or all of your hard drive partitions within a nominally small time and create for you a list of all files that existed prior to the attack by malware. Many file types such as image files are even available for preview so that you may selectively choose and save then restore all of your important files.