How can I fix corrupt PST file?

MS Outlook can be an email client for sending and getting the mails over the organization. This is actually the best way to communicate and fastest strategies by sharing information within organization regarding meetings, appointments, scheduling tasks etc. All Outlook mails are stored under single PST file. PST, abbreviated as Personal Storage Table, contains mails, tasks, appointments, calendar, and also other Outlook components. There are many cases where PST file gets corrupted and Outlook refuses to open. PST file gets corrupted as a result of various reasons like improper termination of Outlook, oversized PST file, compaction of PST file, Outlook upgrade, abrupt shutdown of system, sharing PST files over internet, PST header file corruption, use of anti-virus software, etc.

You can repair your corrupted PST file using inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe that’s an in-built tool which comes as well as MS Office suite. It can repair corrupted PST file to some degree i.e., can repair minor corrupted PST file. If scanpst.exe ceases to fix corrupt PST file, you should employ vacation repair tool to repair your severely corrupted PST file.

Several of common scenarios for PST file corruption are listed below:

Oversized PST file: The PST quality limit is 2GB, once the PST file size exceeds the 2GB size limit, you’ll find odds of PST file corruption.

PST header file corruption: In case you close the Outlook application improperly without allowing Outlook to shut the PST files properly, this may lead to PST header file corruption which leads to loss of all emails along with other Outlook attributes.

Usage of vacation tools: When user uses third party tool to correct the broken or damaged PST file. In the repairing of corrupted PST file, alternative party tool can overwrite the main PST file with garbage data. This can cause loss in all emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc.

Virus attack: if files inside the hard drive are infected by virus, you’ll find likelihood of PST file getting corrupted.

To prevent loss of important mails and other data from Outlook it will always be advisable to take backup coming from all important mails in an external hard drive.

Should your PST file is corrupted and inaccessible in your Outlook, don’t trouble yourself. You can find third party repair tools accessible to repair the damaged or corrupted PST file. One must choose the best repair tool because some 3rd party tools can overwrite the first PST file. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is better PST file repair tool that repairs the corrupted PST file without overwriting the main PST file. It is going to recover all your mails, tasks, contacts, appointments, etc. It can also fix PST on outlook 2007 and recover all mails from Outlook 2007. The repaired PST file will be saved in a whole new folder without replacing original PST file. In order to know more regarding the software features and also to assess the performance in repairing corrupted PST file, attempt to download free demo version from the software, if you’re well content with demo version, then purchase the licensed version of the software.