Effective Way to Recover Formatted Data

Each and every individual starting from normal PC user to software professional, at some point of time may accidentally or intentionally format hard drive data. As you know that the hard drive is meant for storing plenty of files, if you accidentally perform formatting of the hard drive or any partitions of the drive, then it leads to huge amount of data loss. This can be a panic situation, don’t worry, here you have reliable Formatted Data Recovery software that restores lost data from formatted drives.

The partitions are considered as separate logical drives on a HDD. The process of partitioning is nothing but dividing hard drive memory space into various units called Partition or Volume. The various file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT, etc might be used in each volume or partition. Some consequences leads to loss of data preserved on these partitions, few of them are discussed below:

Re-formatting issues: While re-formatting the partitions if any interruption like abrupt system shutdown occurs, then HD partition may get corrupt, this leads to loss of huge amount of data.

Partition issues: If you try to install dual Operating System in same partition or volume, then this results in formatting of data.

Accidental formatting: Sometimes a user may pass invalid drive name in command line while formatting some unwanted drive or format the drive accidentally. This results in loss of plenty of files. If you want to restore lost data from formatted partitions, use Formatted Drive Recovery tool.

Malware attacks: External threats like viruses or malware, infect system hard drive and make its data inaccessible. In such scenarios, formatting is the only solution to clear viruses.

Improper file system conversion: If you follow wrong way to change file system from FAT 16 to NTFS or visa-versa, then you may end up with partition corruption.

Precautions: Once your drive gets formatted do not save or download any data on that drive, in order to avoid overwriting of data. For further assistance, it is suggested to backup your essential files. Avoid usage of unauthenticated third party tools to repartition the existing drives. Use updated antivirus software to save system from a virus or malware attack. Make use of Formatted Data Recovery software immediately after data loss.

Features of Drive Recovery utility:

  • In order to recover formatted drive data from system hard drive, the tool scans complete drive quickly within few minutes.
  • Restores data from inaccessible or corrupted volumes/partitions.
  • The Drive Recovery tool also unerase formatted SD card data efficiently.
  • This tool facilitates to avoid re-scanning of the storage device using option “Save Recovery Session”.
  • Provides option to preview lost or deleted files before saving them to system memory space.
  • This tool restores lost data from various storage devices such as flash memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc.
  • Supports to restore lost data from both Windows as well as Mac Operating System.

This tool can recover lost files based on their file name, size, extension, and date of creation. You can download demo version free of cost. This version provides preview of the lost files, but it has limited functionality, therefore it does not allow you to save files on the local drive. You have to purchase licensed version to save files. Even you can save the recovered files on CD / DVD or any available drives.