Effective Approach to recover Deleted PST files

 MS Outlook PST file stores all the information like contacts, notes, email messages, journals, tasks, folders, etc. You can perform many activities on this MS Outlook by using different attributes which is available on this. But sometimes these PST files get corrupted due to various reasons. Assume that you have got some of the important official emails on your PST file. To get rid of some harmful viruses you scanned the system using antivirus software program you came to know that those emails got deleted without taking your consent. Because those antivirus has treated attached files as viruses and eradicate them from the PST file. You will be puzzled and feel regretful on such occurrence.

Let us have a view on some of the situation by which Outlook PST files get deleted

  • Oversize of the PST file
  • PST files are stored on some bad sectors of the hard drive
  • Virus attack on the PST file makes them inaccessible.
  • Accidental deletion of the PST file
  • Use of an unauthorized third party application tool
  • Deletion of files from Deleted item folder
  • In some cases, if your system hangs up due to any reason then you may choose to close the Outlook in an improper way. This abrupt closing of the MS Outlook will result in deletion of PST files stored on it.
  • When you use the key combination of Shift and delete keys then it will result in permanent deletion of files from your MS Outlook.

Where all these deleted PST files go

When any of the PST files are deleted from the Microsoft Outlook, it is not actually deleted permanently but it only marks as deleted and made as inaccessible. This will be available as a free space for storing new data. That file will not be deleted permanently until that space is occupied by other new files.

Are the deleted PST files recoverable?

Yes, you can easily overcome this problem by performing Outlook PST recovery program that effectively supports to get back your PST files.

Whatever may be the reason for the deletion of the PST files, recover deleted PST file tool helps to get back all the files easily. Just go to this site, recoveroutlookpst.com/deleted-items.html to know how to recover deleted PST files.

Unique features of this deleted PST files

MS Outlook PST file recovery tool uses the most efficient algorithm to restore all the deleted files effectively. You can depend on this tool to recover all the deleted PST files, broken PST files, accidental mail deletion, deleted mailbox item, heavily damaged files, etc. This tool also has an ability to recover deleted Outlook header structure, encrypted files, password protected files. In addition, it also recovers MS outlook attributes like calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, etc. It also supports different versions of MS Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

Tips to avoid deletion of PST files

  • Always keep the back of the important files on a regular basis.
  • Disable “empty deleted item folder upon exiting” option to avoid accidental deletion.
  • To avoid corruption of PST file, fix the problems related to network links while accessing remotely.
  • Fix the problems related to network links in order to avoid corruption of PST file while accessing it remotely.


This recovery tool is also available on free demo version from the internet. Download and install it on your system and evaluate its recovery results.