Deleted Photo Recovery

Photos getting deleted from memory cards that are used in digital cameras are not something new. Deletion of photos usually occurs when a user accidentally presses the Delete or the Delete All button, files getting deleted during transfer of files from one storage media to another storage media, like for example from a flash memory card to a fixed hard drive or even due to physical damage to the storage media being used in the digital camera. Though recovery of photos after the logical damage is definitely possible, recovery of data after a physical damage is remote. This is possible due to the high success rate that has been shown by professional photo recovery software.

So what makes these digital media recovery software so effective? In fact, it is the technique employed by these photo recovery software that makes deleted photo recovery possible. When a photo is deleted by any of the methods above, it is only the pointer to this file that gets deleted, whereas the data still remains on the same location until and unless it gets overwritten by new data. A photo recovery software searches for the specific file signature, and using this information tries to restore the whole image file. In this way, the data gets restored, making photo recovery possible.

Though it sounds pretty easy, recovery of deleted photos will only be successful if you make use of a good and trustworthy photo recovery software. Digital Media Recovery Software makes deleted photo recovery easy not only for a professional but equally easy even for a novice.