Wipe drive

How to Permanently Erase Hard Drive

Need to know how to permanently erase hard drive? This is the right place to find out how because this article briefly explains you erasing hard drive permanently. While erasing normally, what happens is the system just deletes it and anyone with a simple recovery software can get them back. You need to permanently erase […]

How to Erase Hard Drive Permanently

If you are intending to sell your computer then you must permanently erase your hard disk data. Data security gets to be more prominent, as we all save our crucial data on hard disk. Hard disk is like a backup, which holds each and every file in our PC. There are several situations, which tends […]

How to wipe data beyond recovery easily?

Most of the people throw bank statements, credit card approval forms, bills etc in Trash without disposing them properly. If these types of valuable documents are not properly disposed, then others may get your identity and can utilize them as they want. When this disposal is related to computers, after constant use of the disk, […]