How to Find Lost files on Mac

Losing files have become a most common issue irrespective of the platform you work upon. So if you are looking for easy tips for finding lost Mac files then this tutorial will guide you with simple mechanisms. Fortunately Mac system are having powerful tools that will locate missing files in matter of minutes. So what […]

USB Type-C Fries Chromebook with Bad Cable

The USB 3.1 Type-C cables comes in all colors, sizes, and varying degrees of quality control. It is a specification for a reversible plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling. It was published by the USB Implementers Forum. The Type-C cable plug connects with both hosts and devices. The latest generation of USB (Universal […]

Steps To Change Your Account Password in Windows 10

In a computer you store a lot of important and confidential data, so protecting your PC and data is very important. Most of the people will use the same password for all the accounts, which is not safe. Nowadays hackers are increasing and they may hack your account and your important data may be misused. […]

Seagate’s First 8 TB hard drive

Recently a new breed of hard disk drive is introduced by Seagate Technology for RAID applications and for network area storage (NAS). From Seagate a new family of NAS hard disk drives includes a model that has capacity of 8 TB. It’s the industry’s first hard drive of this kind and it is targeted towards […]