Data Recovery

How to Restore Files in Vista

 Windows operating system is one of the most famous OS and has its different versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Among these operating systems, Windows Vista is generally used by many people. It works similar to all Windows operating systems. You may use computers to store important data […]

An Advanced Program to Recover Data

The data can be stored on the system hard drive. Hard drive stores all sorts of data like user files which includes text files, documents, operating system program files, etc. You can extend the storage capacity of your system by using the external devices like pen drive, memory stick, CD, DVD, SD card, Micro SD […]

Get back erased data from Bin folder

Recycle Bin folder is one of the important concept of Windows operating system, which halts each of the deleted data over itself for some time so that if any file is erased unknowingly then it may be recouped by just following few steps. However, if any file gets surpassed from Recycle Bin folder then it […]

Ultimate tool to recover mac data

Have you recently lost all your photos from your macbook air hard disk due to either manual/system error and due to this reason you are looking to recover mac data? And if your answer is yes, next you need to implement Mac Disk Recovery Software, it retrieves all your data within few minutes. If you […]

Data Recovery from Formatted Partition

Have you lost data due accidental formatting of partition on hard drive without taking back up of your important data? In such situation, you might think that your data is completely lost from partition and difficult to recover back lost data. When you format your hard drive, data is not permanently deleted from that partition, […]

An easy way of recovering lost partition data

This blog article is centered on the recovery of data from deleted or lost partitions on Windows operating systems. A partitioning of hard drive is the process of dividing hard disk drive into different logical areas on physical disk, popularly known as drives. It’s the primary step on the PC system to partition hard drive […]

How to recover files using recovery software?

Computers are used to store data it allows you to store create and modify data. A File is a collection of information’s. Computers help you to store business and personal related data in your hard drive data loss occurs in your hard drive due to various reasons. Some of the various cause like accidental deletion […]

Types of Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery is not a term that is restricted to files and folders alone, but it also covers a wide range of other entities like devices that are involved in data recovery, and different methods that are employed in recovering data from these devices. Not only is it limited to recovering data from a logical […]