Best ways to perform Mac recovery from external hard drive

External hard drive is mainly used for storing data. Generally, most of the people use the external hard drive for carrying the large amount of data in a single storage device. User can easily save, delete or modify the external hard drive data by connecting it to system. While using external hard drive, some user may lose or delete the files stored in it due to various reasons. Suppose you have accidentally deleted some important files and want to recover them, then you can perform Mac recovery from external hard drive to recover your important files. You just need to make use good third party Mac file recovery tool to recover deleted or lost files from external hard drive.

External hard drive is provided with plug and play drive utility. External hard drive is available in different storage capacities ranging from several MB’s to several GB’s. It can be formatted in various file systems such as HFS, HFS+, HFX, HFS wrapper. Deletion or lost of file on the external hard disk may take place due to various scenarios like accidental deletion of files, files deleted by virus, deletion of file using “Command + Delete” keys, deleted of file by third party utility, and files deleted by antivirus software etc. Let us briefly explain some scenarios in which deletion of files takes place.

  • Loss of files using cut and paste command: You have stored lot of important files such as office work, project files, and study materials on your external hard drive. Suppose you have connected the external hard drive to your system using USB data cable provided by it. Consider you are working with unknown system which is owned by some other friend. This connection is made to copy files from external hard drive to the hard disk. While moving the files using Cut and Paste command if power surge occurs then the data transmission process is terminated and system shuts down abruptly. In this kind of a situation, you may lose files on the external hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion: Accidentally deletion of important files on the external hard drive when it is connected to the system using combination of two keys Command + Delete key may lead to loss or deletion of files.

When the files are accidentally deleted from external hard drive, they are not removed permanently. Only the storage area is reallocated for a new data and file pointers are reorganized. So you can recover deleted or lost files from external drive by using good third party utility. One such utility is Remo Recover (Mac) – Media edition software. It is best software to recover deleted or lost files from the external hard drive. In order to recover deleted or lost files, you just need to download and run the software onto your Mac system. After installing the software, you can connect the external hard drive to your system and scan for the deleted or lost files. This software supports the recovery of deleted files from HFS, HFS+, HFX, HFS wrapper formatted drives.