Best approach to repair corrupt Outlook PST file

MS Outlook is a standard email application which is popularly used by most of the business users. Many official organizations tend to use this MS Outlook as this Outlook is featured with inbuilt components like contacts, tasks, journals calendar entries etc. which are not available in well-known email programs. This Outlook is used often to send or receive emails within an organization as the emailing is the cheapest and fastest mean to communicate. This MS outlook is designed by Microsoft and is upgraded with different versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

MS Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Microsoft Outlook created by Microsoft with new enhanced features which make the emailing facility easier when compared to earlier versions of Outlook. This software helps the user to work in offline mode and manage email messages from multiple mailboxes. The important features of MS outlook 2010 are conversation view, exchange control panel and mail tips. The Outlook stores all their valuable data in a single PST file.

Now the question comes “what is PST?” PST is a personal storage table which is used by the Outlook users to maintain the record of all attributes of Outlook within it. It includes inbox, draft, list, scheduler, task manager and many more. There is no file size limitation for PST file and it differs in accordance with the versions of the Outlook. This supports several different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista.

There are times where you might face problem in accessing them.PST files from the Outlook versions which are mentioned earlier. This occurs because of MS Outlook corruption. There are several reasons that are responsible for Outlook PST file corruption but the result is same i.e. inaccessibility of the PST files. This causes loss of data stored in your Outlook PST file.

Suppose you are still using the older version Outlook 2007 to communicate within an organization. As the technologies advances and offers new feature all upgrade to new version as they want to store more and more data. Due to a very low storage capacity of Outlook 2007, you decide to upgrade your Outlook version from 2007 to Outlook 2010. Suddenly because of power fluctuations, your Outlook conversion process got stuck in between. Then after waiting for a long time, you turned on your computer and you tried accessing your old Outlook version. But you were unable to access the files as your old Outlook version got corrupted resulting in loss of all your old Outlook stored data. After this incident, you must be thinking how to repair and recover your lost data from hard drive of your computer?

No need to worry!!! As of now, there are many repair tools available in the market which helps to repair corrupt Outlook PST file. Thus you can use Outlook repair utility to repair damaged Outlook PST file and recover your lost data stored within it.

However, there are some scenarios where your PST files get corrupted and you may lose your data.

Reasons for PST file corruption:

  • Corruption due to oversize: The size of PST file is limited in accordance with the versions of Outlook. If the size of this PST file exceeds the size limit this may lead to corruption of PST files. For e.g.: the size limit for Outlook 2007 is 20GB if the user stores the data beyond the range then it leads to corruption and you may lose your data.
  • Corruption due to sharing the PST over the network: If the PST file is shared over the network in a business organization. Many users are involved in modifying the PST file simultaneously there is a chance of PST file getting corrupted and this causes loss of data.
  • Virus Attack: A PST file becomes inaccessible if it is infected with malicious virus and this may cause loss of your Outlook data.
  • Corruption due to compacting: Errors encountered during compacting the large email attachments before sending leads PST file corruption and you may end up losing your data saved in the file.
  • File header corruption: When you improperly close the Outlook application this corrupts the header of PST file. This leads to corruption of entire PST file and thus results in loss of Outlook data.
  • Use of Third-party tool: Antivirus software is used in every computer to avoid loss of data due to virus attack. This program scans each incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook. Sometimes, while scanning it may delete the emails, resulting in loss of emails.

To avoid corruption of PST files you need to take care of some precautionary steps which are listed below:

  • Use reliable power source to avoid a sudden shutdown of your system.
  • Keep a proper backup of your Outlook data.
  • Keep your computer updated with antivirus software to get rid of viruses.

In case if you still come across any of the above-mentioned scenarios even after following precautions. Once a PST file gets damaged there are various ways to repair it and first, you need to repair it using inbuilt tool i.e. Scanpst.exe provided by MS Outlook. This tool helps to repair corrupt Outlook PST file but sometimes this becomes unable to repair all types of damages in a PST file. Then you need to go for some proficient tool to repair Outlook 2010 PST file and get back all your data.

Outlook PST repair tool is one of the effective tool used to fix the damaged PST file and this can restore email messages that are emptied from the deleted item folders.

This tool supports recovery of Outlook data on different versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8 and WIndows 10. This tool helps you to repair oversized Outlook PST files. This software lets you recover all Outlook data including Emails, notes, tasks, reminders etc. from damaged or corrupt PST file. This software also supports OST files. This tool helps you to repair your password-protected, compressed, highly encrypted PST files efficiently. This software ensures the safety of your source PST file as it stores the recovered data in a new PST file. It helps you to repair PST files created on Outlook 2000,2002,2003,2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

The software can be used very easily in few basic steps by few clicks of your mouse.

Run the application and Click on browse to locate the PST file that needs to be repaired. Select the appropriate repair options that you come across while using the tool. Once you are done with the repair process you can check the performance of the tool and if you are happy with the repair results you can go for its full version from online.