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Tips to Repair Corrupted PST file when Scanpst.exe Tool Fails to Repair

The Scanpst.exe is an in-built tool of Outlook application which is used to repair corrupted PST file. Suppose your PST file is corrupted due to some reasons. In order to repair the corrupt PST file, when you tried to open Scanpst.exe, it fails to work and displays Scanpst error like, “The procedure entry point DDLUninitinstance@0 […]

How you can carry out photo recovery on Mac computers?

People simply capture photos using camera once they feel to save moment of life for a long period. Photos are personal memories of the precious moments spent with the family and friends. People might face irresistible misery when their most beneficial photos are lost from digital camera’s memory cards or backup storage drives. The majority […]

How you can recover data from HFS partitions on Mac?

Mac computer drives are the secondary storage devices that are also referred to as static volumes. Mac supports both removable volumes and static volumes. Memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard disk drives are known as removable volumes. Internal hard disk of Mac can be divided into a number of logical sections known as volumes. […]

How to recover iTunes

ITunes player keeps all your music, shows all in one place. Instead of going through CDs, you may import all the important songs into iTunes and quickly browse your complete collections. You can organize these folders any where you want on iTunes. This iTunes are very popular because of its consistency. You may store very […]

Approach to Recover Files from iPod

IPods on the market is among the most easily transportable medium to keep information. It is very portable we can easily carry it in a tiny pocket. Once we connect iPods with our PC, it starts acting as Universal series bus generate. Apple iPods is capable of saving pictures, which are the most advance feature […]

How to Erase Hard Drive Permanently

If you are intending to sell your computer then you must permanently erase your hard disk data. Data security gets to be more prominent, as we all save our crucial data on hard disk. Hard disk is like a backup, which holds each and every file in our PC. There are several situations, which tends […]

Best way to Repair PST file

Microsoft has added a fresh milestone in communication, known as Outlook. As emailing became most prominent means for communication, Outlook gains popularity in very a shorter period. There are plenty of versions of Outlook seen in market like Outlook 2000/2003/2004/2007/2010. Beyond these 2010 is the latest one. In commercial world, Outlook is used to hold […]

Recover Seagate hard drive data

As we know that hard drive or computer hard disk are widely used to store huge amount of digital data. These are generally known as hard disk drives that are probably the key components of computer system. In the present time the Seagate hard drive tend to be preferred storage device among users because of […]